The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Necklaces And Necklines

Have you ever felt stuck trying to choose what necklace to wear to match your top? Pairing necklaces with different necklines can be tricky business, even for the most experienced fashionistas. Choose the right match, and your outfit pops! Choose the wrong match, and something just feels… off.

How do you choose the perfect pairing of necklaces and necklines? It’s all about complementary shapes, lines, and styles. With so many different types of necklaces and necklines, it’s fun to get creative mixing and matching accessories.

When pairing necklaces with necklines, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Neck – Will the neckline elongate the neck or cut it short?
  • Face – Will the necklace pair well with your face shape?
  • Jawline – Will the necklace strengthen your jawline?
  • Negative Space – Will the necklace fill the right balance of negative space?

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular necklines and necklaces to match. Familiarize yourself with these basic guidelines, but don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s all part of the fun.


Popular Necklines And Necklaces To Match

Here are the most popular necklines in women’s fashion:

  • V-Neck
  • Halter
  • Crew
  • Strapless
  • Asymmetrical
  • Button-Up Collar
  • Turtleneck
  • Square
  • High Neckline
  • Sweetheart



A V-neck is classic and popular style that can be dressed up or down. Nothing looks better with a v-neck than a slim, simple pendant. It’s classy, sweet, and understated in the best ways.

When it comes to deep V-necks, a necklace with layered strands is recommended to pair with the plunge. If you prefer, you can even go without a necklace since you’re already making a statement with a daring neckline. The key is to avoid overkill.

We recommend: Native Sterling Mexican Tribal Necklace


The lines of a halter neckline are angled and pointed towards the face. To create balance with a necklace, consider a triangle pendant. If you choose a triangle pendant that points down from your face, the lines create a flattering effect. It’s all about playing with the angles of the lines.

We recommend: Silver & Turquoise Deco Lattice Necklace


Conservative and unassuming, the crew neckline is a classic in women’s fashion. You can pair it with a metallic strand that lies right at the collar. Or you can wear a bib style necklace to add some pizazz to a vanilla outfit. A crew neckline will support and enhance the shape of any round necklace, so mix and match to find the best round necklace for your ensemble.

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A strapless neckline is the ultimate neckline liberator. You’re free! And it’s a blank canvas that can be tricky to fill with the right jewelry. The straight line cut of a strapless top allows you to add a real statement piece.

You have multiple options with a strapless neckline. Consider a simple choker. A minimalistic choker paired with a strapless top will elongate your neckline and show off the simplicity of the choker.

You could also go with a statement necklace. Just remember to keep your necklace short enough that it doesn’t get too close to the top of your shirt or dress. If it does, it will look too crowded.

We recommend: Ignacio Gomez 950 Silver Turquoise Peacock’s Poise Necklace


There’s nothing quite as striking as an asymmetrical neckline. You have to be careful with your accessories, though. Since your neckline is already off balance (intentionally), you don’t want to throw off the balance of your outfit entirely.

Try offsetting the imbalance by drawing the eye down and to the center with a long strand necklace. A necklace with ropes of gems is a great choice.

We recommend: Tassel Rope Necklace

Button-up Collar

A button-up collared top is a timeless classic, especially in women’s casual and business attire. But just because you’re dressed casually or for business doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your neckline with a little jewelry.

Your best bet for a collared neckline is to go with a delicate pendant or choker. Don’t let your pendant get lost between buttons. Also make sure it doesn’t hang too low or look too understated.

We recommend: Rodriguez Taxco 950 Silver Necklace


Turtlenecks are standard winter basics that could use a little love. Pairing a turtleneck with a long chain or pendant is the perfect match. With the extra fabric of the turtleneck at your neck, it just doesn’t make sense for a necklace to hang in that area too. Instead, let it hang low. This will elongate your neck in an elegant and sophisticated way.

We recommend: Turquoise Warrior Motif Necklace


A square neckline is beautiful, but it’s also difficult to pair with a necklace. Why? Because there are so many hard lines happening! That’s what makes this neckline both gorgeous and challenging.

The best approach is to use hard lines in your jewelry too. The hard lines of the top will bring out the shape of an angular necklace or pendant. If you chose the right complementary angles, you can enhance your jawline too.

We recommend: 925 Silver Ribbon Crisscrossed Necklace

High Neckline

A high neckline is just as it sounds: cut very close to the neck without much exposure. Our advice for high neckline necklaces is simple: don’t wear one! A high neckline usually features a lot of details, so a necklace would only blend in and add chaos.

Instead of a necklace, try wearing some simple, elegant earrings. They will help balance the look without overwhelming it.

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Sweetheart necklines are flattering and eye-drawing. They are designed to show off curves with soft lines instead of straight or hard angles. The key to pairing a necklace with a sweetheart neckline is simplicity. Keep the necklace short and simple and add statement stud earrings to match. Bold jewelry typically does not work well as it overwhelms the look.

We recommend: 950 Silver & Jasper Troika 3-Piece Set

Pair Necklaces and Necklines Like A Fashionista

Even by being mindful of the differences in necklines and necklaces, you’re already on your way to becoming a true fashionista. Use these tips to help you avoid fashion faux pas in accessorizing your look. Remember, whether it’s short and simple or long and elaborate, nothing makes a statement quite like a Mexican silver necklace.

What do you think? What neckline-necklace pairing is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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