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980 Silver & Enamel Fish Market Necklace w / Options


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Additional information

Weight 86 g
Hallmark Melesio Rodriguez 5693 Taxco 980 Mexico
Dimensions This necklace measures 17" from end to end.
Each fish measures approximately 2" tall x 1" wide at its widest point.
The horizontal panels each measure 3/4" long x 1/8" wide.
Please inquire about additional enamel options.

This Taxco vintage inspired Melesio Rodriguez necklace showcases a wonderful fish motif,  crafted from a superior 950 silver.  This necklace exhibits a gorgeous blend of detailed silver work and a striking enamel finish. The 7 fish panels each contain 3 reticulating panels that lend a free movement to the piece.

This necklace is easily secured with a tongue and box closure.

Please inquire about additional inlay options.