Hammered Mexican Copper Cuff Bracelet


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Weight 98 g
Hallmark Mexican Cobre
Dimensions 3 1/2" total arm length.
Inner circumference (measured from the center point) of approx. 7" including the 1 1/4" gap.
Inner circumference (measured from the edges) of approx. 7 3/4" including the 2" gap.

Reflecting the depth and texture of Mexico’s artisan history, this contoured copper cuff bracelet features an exquisite hammered surface that is unique to each piece giving you a one of a kind treasure. Weighing 98 grams, this authentic Taxco bracelet is a bold statement piece that begs to be noticed, touched and admired.

The piece does allow for slight adjustment and can be worn at several points along the wrist or arm, depending on your arms.