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Mexican Silver Necklaces

Mexican Silver Store crafts the spirit of Mexico into our selection of Mexican silver necklaces.
Our online jewelry store and team of local artisans exclusively use 925 sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver.

The local artists crafting your silver necklaces are inspired daily by the wonders of Mexican culture. Jewelers often invokes the natural and spiritual worlds, drawing on the rich history of Mexico’s past and present when designing your piece.


Silver and Gemstone Necklaces

Mexican silver jewelry is known for the use of gemstones and other materials in the crafting of jewelry. At Mexican Silver Store, we’re proud to continue this rich tradition with our selection of necklaces. Our artisans use traditional Mexican gemstones and other materials, including:

In addition to our selection of silver necklaces, you’ll also love our selection of vintage jewelry and copper jewelry.


Purchase From a True Mexican Jeweler

When you buy silver jewelry from Mexican Silver Store, you’re buying authentic items from a group of traditional Taxco artisans and will be…

  • Supporting the work of native Mexican artists
  • Saving money by buying direct
  • Discovering unique pieces – many with custom inlay options
  • Experiencing our commitment to customer service