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Poulat Style Mexico Silver Jewelry

Poulat Style
Mexican Silver Store is proud to offer handcrafted designs that have been influenced by the rich history of Taxco’s silver jewelry renaissance. These designs have been handcrafted by some of Taxco’s finest artisans.

Celebrated jewelry designer Matilde Poulat first trained as a painter at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City alongside famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. She opened her own silver design taller (workshop) in 1934 under the mark of “Matl” which is derived from the Aztec word for “water”. Her pieces were heavily inspired by baroque detail work as well as by the feminine colors of Mexico, often using turquoise and coral as accents.

The items in this category are NOT authentic or reproduction Matl. They are pieces purchased from the public shops of Taxco, created by skilled artisans who have been inspired by the history of Taxco’s silver jewelry renaissance.

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