5 of Our Favorite Mexican Silver Necklaces

At Mexican Silver Store, we think that necklaces are one of the best things about Mexican jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a tasteful collar-style necklace, a classy chain-linked style, or any other type of silver necklace, we’ve got you covered with our outstanding selection.

While it’s not in our nature to select favorites, we’ve chosen some of our most-loved to get you started on your necklace buying journey. Browse our featured items and keep reading to learn more about our necklace offerings and the benefits of buying from our authentic, Taxco-based jewelry store.


Our favorite necklaces


Big Bold Silver Chain Linked Necklace

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Men’s 19″ Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

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Silver Hibiscus Flower Necklace

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Sterling Silver Calla Lily Flower Necklace

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DNA Weave & Graduated Bead Necklace

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Necklace sizing

In general, necklaces can and will fit a variety of different ways depending on the size of your neck and style preferences. That said, there is a common expectation on how different sized necklaces will fit.

For women:

  • 14 inches: Collar necklace — snugly around your neck
  • 16 inches: Choker necklace — against the base of your throat
  • 18 inches: Princess necklace — on your collarbone
  • 20-24 inches: Matinee necklace — below your collarbone
  • 28-36 inches: Opera necklace — bust level or slightly below
  • 36-42 inches: Rope necklace — below chest

For men:

  • 18 inches: Base of the neck
  • 20 inches: At the collarbone
  • 22 inches: Few inches below collarbone
  • 24: inches: Above the breastbone

Each and every necklace we offer will require a slightly different fit. Additionally, different people will have different wants and needs for how their necklace will look and feel while being worn.


Materials used in our Mexican-made necklaces

Our artisans use the highest-quality materials when crafting our necklaces. They also create the necklaces using the same time-honored method created by William Spratling and other iconic Mexican jewelry designers.

At Mexican Silver Store, we offer a full range of Mexican necklaces from a blend of artisans from different backgrounds.

Our artisans are as good as it gets — as are the materials we use to create them.


Sterling silver

There is a reason Mexico is known for silver jewelry — it’s a cultural and economic driver in our country. Silver has been mined and used as a material for all sorts of objects for generations. From jewelry to silverware, silver is a popular material that provides beauty and durability to any piece.

Mexican Silver Store exclusively uses silver that is 92.5% pure, also known as sterling silver (unless otherwise noted). Mexican sterling silver is the highest quality silver in the world. When shopping for silver jewelry, don’t fall for “sterling silver plating,” which covers a lesser metal with a plating of silver. This is lower quality and is not as durable or beautiful.

For the highest quality jewelry, always buy authentic Mexican sterling silver.

Why buy sterling silver?

  • Lighter
  • More durable
  • Longer lasting
  • Better looking
  • Easier to maintain

Learn more about silver.



While silver necklaces are our most popular necklace style, our artisans also use copper when crafting necklaces and other jewelry.

Copper has also been mined and used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years and a stunningly beautiful metal that is perfect for necklaces.



While we love a tasteful and simple plane silver or copper design, gemstones can add a level of creativity and beauty to a necklace. They can also add personal flair, color, and style.

Some of the gemstones we use in our jewelry include:

We use gemstones that have a cultural connection to Mexico. All have distinct spiritual connotations to the natural world that brings a whole other level of meaning and connection to your necklace .

Don’t know which gemstone you want? Take a look at our gemstones FAQ to develop an understanding of which gemstone is right for you.

*While amber is technically a resin, most consider it a gemstone when used in jewelry.


Why buy authentic Mexican jewelry?

We’re continuously excited to offer you necklaces, rings, earrings, and many other styles of jewelry that reflect and continue the rich tradition of Mexican jewelry.

When you buy jewelry from an authentic Mexican silver necklace shop such as Mexican Silver Store, you support the rich tradition of jewelry making in Taxco, Mexico, as well as the community of this fabulous city.

Other benefits of buying from Mexican Silver Store include:

  • Support the work of native Mexican artists
  • Save money by buying direct
  • Discover unique pieces — many with custom inlay options
  • Our commitment to customer service


Necklaces FAQ


What should I look for when buying a necklace?

Every individual will look for something different when searching for and buying jewelry. For some people, finding a necklace that fits a specific style is important. Others search for a necklace with sentimental value. Fortunately, we offer a massive selection of necklaces with different styles and materials that can offer much of anything you want.

We recommend you browse our selection of necklaces and choose one that connects with you, your style, and your soul.


How should I clean and take care of my necklace?

We only sell necklaces and jewelry that are intended to be durable and long lasting. We also prioritize selling jewelry that does not require constant maintenance.

That said, we recommend occasionally cleaning your necklace to keep it in great shape. Use a simple microfiber cloth when cleaning your necklace for the best results. For silver necklaces, gently rub the cloth against the grain. We recommend staying far away from jewelry cleaners, as many are not safe for all materials and can actually damage your jewelry.

Additionally, we recommend keeping your necklace and all other jewelry in a felt-lined jewelry box or other protective case. When not worn, try to keep them out of direct sunlight or excessive heat to avoid damage.


Shop our robust selection of Mexican silver necklaces.

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