5 of Our Favorite Mexican Silver Earrings

At Mexican Silver Store, we offer a full selection of stunning authentic Mexican silver earrings. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your unique style.

While it’s impossible to pick a favorite, below you can find some of our most beloved earring styles. Browse these amazing items and keep reading to learn all there is to know about the earrings you can find at Mexican Silver Store and the benefits of buying from our authentic, Taxco-based jewelry store.


Our favorite earrings


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Rodriguez Dove Bird Hanging Earrings

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Popular earring styles

We sell all different styles of earrings at Mexican Silver Store. All styles of earrings have their own unique time and place to be worn, so we recommend considering the outfits and situations you’ll be wearing your earrings once purchased.

  • Drop earrings: Drop earrings are the most popular style of earring we offer at Mexican Silver Store. These earrings start at the earlobe and “drop” down. We carry many different sizes and variations of drop earrings, from small and simple to large and extravagant.
  • Hoop earrings: Hoop earrings are a unique treasure that belong in anyone’s jewelry box. These earrings have a distinct circular shape and also come in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Stud earrings: A classic style, stud earrings are understated and usually include just a single gemstone. They are the smallest earring style.
  • Clip earrings: This style of earrings clips onto your ear, so can be worn without getting your ears pierced. Great for young adults or those unsure if they want to get their ears pierced. 


Materials used in our Mexican-made earrings

The artisans at Mexican Silver Store strictly use the highest-quality materials when creating our selection of earrings. Plus, you can feel good about them crafting all items with the same time-honored method used by William Spratling and other legendary Mexican jewelry designers.

Our artisans are as good as it gets — as are the materials we use to create them. 


Sterling silver

Given silver’s cultural and economic importance to the country of Mexico — it’s no wonder that Mexico is known for the precious metal. Mexicans have mined and crafted goods out of silver for generations.

At Mexican Silver Store, we exclusively use silver that’s 92.5% pure. This high-quality silver is also known as sterling silver. Mexican sterling silver is regarded as the highest quality silver in the world. When shopping for silver jewelry, don’t fall for “sterling silver plating.” This term indicates earrings made from a lesser metal with a silver plating. This is lower quality and is not as durable or beautiful as sterling silver.

For the highest quality jewelry, always buy authentic Mexican sterling silver.

Why buy sterling silver?

  • Lighter 
  • More durable
  • Longer lasting
  • Better looking 
  • Easier to maintain

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While silver is our namesake and most popular jewelry material, our artisans also craft earrings from another iconic Mexican metal: copper!

Mined and used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years just like silver, copper is stunning and a perfect metal for earrings.



While we love simple precious metal designs, gemstone earrings can be a wonderful addition to any jewelry box and add a lot of personality and sophistication to any piece.

Some of the gemstones we use in our jewelry include:

All of the gemstones we use have a cultural and spiritual connection to present-day or pre-Columbian Mexico. All have distinct connections to the natural world, which can bring a whole other level of meaning to your earring .

Don’t know which gemstone you want? Take a look at our gemstones FAQ to develop an understanding of which gemstone is right for you.

*While amber is technically a resin, most consider it a gemstone when used in jewelry.


Why buy authentic Mexican jewelry?

When you buy jewelry from an authentic Mexican silver earring shop such as Mexican Silver Store, you support the rich tradition of jewelry making in Taxco, Mexico, as well as the community of this fabulous city.

Other benefits of buying from Mexican Silver Store include:

  • Support the work of native Mexican artists
  • Save money by buying direct
  • Discover unique pieces — many with custom inlay options
  • Our commitment to customer service


Earrings FAQ


Do earrings have sizes?

While different earring sizes do exist, most of the earrings we carry will fit any pierced ear. If you are unsure whether an earring will fit your pierced ear, contact us to confirm fit.


What should I look for when buying an earring?

Each and every person will look for something different when shopping for earrings. While for some people versatility is important, others might just want earrings for a specific occasion, outfit, or look. Fortunately, whether you’re looking for an item to turn heads or for sentimental value, we offer a massive selection of earring styles. 

We recommend you browse our selection of earrings and choose one that connects with you, your style, and your soul.


How should I clean and take care of my earring?

We only craft and sell earrings and jewelry that are durable and long lasting. Most of the jewelry we sell does not need to be handled delicately or require constant maintenance. 

That said, we recommend occasionally cleaning your earrings to keep them in pristine condition. Use a simple microfiber cloth when cleaning your earring for the best results. For silver earrings, gently rub the cloth against the grain. We recommend not using jewelry cleaners, as many are not safe for all materials and can actually damage your jewelry.

Additionally, we suggest storing your earrings and all other jewelry in a felt-lined jewelry box or other protective case. When not worn, try to keep them out of direct sunlight or excessive heat to avoid damage.


Shop our robust selection of Mexican silver earrings.

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