4 Bracelet We Love That Define the Spirit of Mexican Jewelry

At Mexican Silver Store, we are proud of our wide selection of bracelets made from authentic Mexican sterling silver, gemstones, and other unique metals and materials.

While it is certainly hard to pick favorites, below we’ve linked to some of the most popular and unique bracelets that we offer. Check them out and keep reading to learn more about our bracelet offerings and the benefits of buying from our authentic, Taxco-based jewelry store.


Our favorite bracelets


Amethyst & Turquoise Mexico Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Mexico 925 Silver Catrina Day Of The Dead Skull Cuff Bracelet

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Molina 925 Silver Swimming Fish Bracelet

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Taxco Mexico Sterling Silver DNA Style Beaded Bracelet

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Styles of bracelets

We offer a diverse blend of bracelet styles to help you meet your style goals. All styles are made using the same time-honored method of bracelet crafting and created by some of Taxco’s finest craftspeople.


Styles of bracelets offered at Mexican Silver Store

  • Bangles: A loose-fitting style. These bracelets are generally larger, as there is no clamp to open and close them and are put on by sliding through your hand and wrist.
  • Clamper style: Inflexible bracelet which opens and closes with a hinge. This is a more tailored-fitting bracelet style.
  • Cuffs: A closer fitting bracelet, though not as tailored as a clamper-style. Has an open back to allow ease of wearing and removal.


Materials used in our Mexican-made bracelets

Our bracelets are only as good as the craftspeople who make them and the materials they use. At Mexican Silver Store, we use high quality metals and gemstones to craft our bracelets.



Silver is our bread and butter here at Mexican Silver Store. Silver has been an important part of Mexican culture for millenia, and its popularity and use continues to this day.

Unless otherwise noted, we use silver that is 92.5% pure, otherwise known as sterling silver. This is the highest-quality silver available. Watch out for other stores who use “sterling silver plating” on their jewelry. 

For the highest quality jewelry, always buy authentic Mexican sterling silver.

Why buy sterling silver?

  • Lighter 
  • More durable
  • Longer lasting
  • Better looking 
  • Easier to maintain

Learn more about silver.


Other metals we use in our jewelry

While silver is our most popular and namesake metal, we also offer jewelry made from copper and gold.

Both of these metals also have a deep connection with the country and offer many aesthetic and functional benefits.



While the metals we use are the foundation for our beautiful jewelry, we also take great pride in the gemstones set into our jewelry. 

Some of the gemstones we use in our jewelry include:

Gemstones have been used for generations in Mexico and many have unique meanings and connections to the natural and spiritual world. They truly are a great way to make your new bracelet unique to you.

Learn more about gemstones.

*While amber is technically a resin, most consider it a gemstone when used in jewelry.


Themes and motifs in Mexican silver bracelets

Our craftspeople make jewelry in the grand and rich tradition of Mexican jewelry from the recent and distant past. Given Mexico’s rich cultural history, that covers a lot of ground!

Some common themes and motifs that Mexican jewelry craftspeople pull from include:

  • The natural world 
  • Religion
  • Family 
  • Food 
  • Holidays


Why buy authentic Mexican jewelry?

Buying from an authentic Mexican silver bracelet shop like Mexican Silver Store supports the arts and community of Taxco, Mexico. You’re not just buying a new piece of jewelry for your wardrobe — you’re buying a piece of the legacy of Mexican culture. 

Other benefits of buying from Mexican Silver Store include:

  • Support the work of native Mexican artists
  • Save money by buying direct
  • Discover unique pieces — many with custom inlay options
  • Love our commitment to customer service


Bracelets FAQ


How should my bracelet fit?

Every style of bracelet will require a slightly different fit. Additionally, every person will feel comfortable with different levels of tightness, or look for different style aspects in how their bracelets fit.

  • With bangle bracelets you should be able to fit a finger or 2 between your wrist and bracelet. Remember, your hand will have to fit through this bracelet while still being tight enough to fall off while wearing, so decide on size carefully.
  • Clamper style bracelets are adjustable, and can fit as feels comfortable to you when you receive the bracelet. 
  • Cuff bracelets will fit a variety of wrist shapes and sizes, and leave plenty of room for adjustability. It should sit on your wrist and not move too much further down your arm. It also should also not pinch your skin between the 2 ends while wearing.


What should I look for when buying a bracelet?

One of the beautiful things about our collection of bracelets is that we offer a plethora of styles, materials, and types. This offers you great leeway when making a purchase to suit your style. 

We recommend browsing our selection of bracelets and choosing one that connects with you, your style, and your soul.


How should I clean and take care of my bracelet?

In general, all jewelry that we sell is durable, long-lasting, and does not require constant maintenance.

We recommend the use of a simple microfiber cloth to clean your jewelry. With silver, gently rub the cloth against the grain. We recommend that you avoid jewelry cleaners, as they are not safe for all materials and can often do more harm than good.

We recommend that you keep your bracelet in a felt-lined jewelry box or other protective case. No matter what, do your best to keep them out of direct sunlight or excessive heat.


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