A Mexican Gemstone for Every Style

Do you love to use fashion to show your artistic side? Are you a bohemian at heart? Or maybe you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to fashion. Whatever style you gravitate towards, there’s a Mexican gemstone for you!

The joy of expressing your unique style comes from choosing pieces that speak to you. It’s all about your personal style preferences, but if you’re looking for some gemstone inspiration and advice, keep reading. Here are some tips for finding the right gemstone for any style:


Vintage-inspired: amethyst

What do you think of when someone says “vintage”? While most people use “antique” to refer to something more than 100 years old, “vintage” can be anything from a previous era — though most people agree that an item must be at least 20 years old to be vintage.

Amethyst has been prized and worn in various contexts around the world for centuries, which makes it a perfect adornment for any vintage-inspired ensemble. The ancient Greeks believed it had sobering properties and that it would prevent you from feeling the effects of alcohol. Later, it became a symbol of royalty in Europe. What’s more, the word “vintage” was originally used to describe a season’s yield of grapes or wine. A deep purple amethyst beautifully evokes the image of aged red wine.

(Pearls can be a great choice too, because they’re considered timeless.)


Bohemian: turquoise

As we’ve written about before, bohemian jewelry is known for bright colors and brilliant gemstones, but boho is a mindset and a lifestyle as much as a fashion trend. So when you’re accessorizing a bohemian outfit, let your intuition be your guide. That said, turquoise is a stunning, brightly colored gemstone that’s often associated with boho.

The Aztecs, Toltec, and other ancient Mexican cultures loved turquoise. The Navajo tribe also used it extensively in their beautiful jewelry. That makes turquoise jewelry an especially great accessory if your outfit is inspired by traditional Native American styles.


Classic: pearls

If you’re putting together a classic, elegant outfit, look no further than pearl jewelry. Pearls have been beloved as a symbol of refinement for thousands of years. They’re often associated with simplicity, love, and purity. 

A plain string of pearls always looks clean and minimalist, but you have so many more options when it comes to pearl jewelry! In fact, many pieces that use pearls are stunningly intricate. A piece like that can be a striking way to add interest to an otherwise simple outfit.


Dramatic: black onyx

A bold, dramatic outfit needs jewelry to match. Black onyx is both powerful and mysterious. Think about adding some black onyx jewelry if your outfit includes elements like:

  • Long vertical lines
  • Big blocks of striking colors, like black, white, or red
  • Formal or professional pieces
  • Futuristic or tech-inspired fashions
  • Stiff, constructed fabrics and materials


Artsy: opal or sodalite

Ready to express your creative side? Because opal colors are so varied, you can actually wear an all-opal jewelry ensemble and still show off an eclectic array of colors. In 75 AD, a Roman scholar named Pliny said, “Some opali carry such a play within them that they equal the deepest and richest colors of painters.” Many of these gemstones are so multicolored that they resemble a painter’s palette.

Sodalite is another great option for the artistically inclined. Often covered with unique veins and color patterns, no two stones look the same — the perfect eclectic choice for an artistic outfit. And did you know that hackmanite (an unusual form of sodalite) actually changes color when exposed to the sun? 


Beachy: larimar

It’s nearly impossible to look at the subtle variations of light blue and not think of a clear sky over a pale blue ocean. Fun fact: Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic. Miguel Méndez (one of the people who re-discovered the gemstone in 1974) gave Larimar its name by combining his daughter’s name, Larissa, with the Spanish word for “sea,” mar.

Larimar looks beautiful when paired with beachy styles such as flowing fabrics, broad-brimmed beach hats, and summer sandals. Just be careful wearing Larimar outside in daylight for too long — its color will eventually start to fade from the sun.


Naturalist/outdoorsy: amber

As many people learned when Jurassic Park came out, amber is not technically a gemstone, but fossilized tree resin! What could be more outdoorsy than that? It’s also hard to deny that its warm golden-brown hue looks beautiful alongside nature-inspired colors like leafy greens and earth tones.

Next time you grab your straw hat and hit the hiking trails, don’t forget to grab your amber jewelry for good luck!


Rocker: red jasper

While black onyx could also be a good choice, a lesser-known gemstone that rocks is red jasper. Because jasper is more common than most other gemstones, it also tends to be more affordable, making it a laid-back, budget-friendly addition to a casual, rock-inspired look. 

Want to know something else? Some of history’s earliest drill bits were made nearly 8,000 years ago from jasper!


Pretty: coral

Forget pink! How about pretty in coral? Actually, natural coral appears in a range of colors, including white, light pink, orange, and deep red. Delicate lace, ruffles, bows, and other pretty styles look great with coral jewelry. 

Tip: If you have warm undertones in your skin, look for coral with warm, orange undertones. If your skin has a cooler undertone, choose a white, pink, or red coral that doesn’t have much orange in it.


Athleisure: plain silver and copper

Athleisure is all about wearing comfortable, practical clothes in a fashionable way. Sport-inspired pieces are generally crisp, fresh, and minimalist — even when bright colors and geometric shapes are incorporated.

When it comes to athleisure, your best bet may be jewelry with no gemstones at all. Jewelry made of only silver or copper will give you the crisp, sleek, and simple aesthetic your outfit is asking for.


Traditional Mexican clothing: take your pick!

Traditional Mexican clothing often features:

  • Vibrant patterns and colors
  • Natural motifs inspired by native flora and fauna
  • Artistic movements throughout the country’s history

Because traditional Mexican styles are so varied, you can choose any gemstone you like! In fact, jewelry that incorporates multiple gemstones in one piece can be a great choice. Just be aware of how your jewelry affects the lines and color schemes of your outfit.


Have fun choosing your jewelry!

The perfect piece of jewelry can truly complete an outfit, but keep in mind that an unexpected pairing can sometimes create a stunning new look, so don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment. 

You’ll love our amazing selection of Mexican silver jewelry, with an array of gorgeous pieces that includes all the gemstones in this post.