Guide to Mexican Gemstones

Curious about gemstones but don’t know where to start? Want to make sure you know the symbolism behind a piece of jewelry before making a purchase or wearing a specific gemstone?

Read our guide to Mexican gemstones to learn the symbolism and history behind each so you can find a gemstone that matches your spirit and style.



What is opal?

Opal is a gemstone found in Mexico, but is primarily found in Australia. Opal is extremely rare, and much of the opal that is found today in popular jewelry is man made to allow wider access to the stunning beauty and good charm of opal.

Opal is actually the product of intense seasonal rains that plagued ultra-dry ancient regions such as the Australian Outback. These rains seeped into the rock and created the beautiful rainbow colors found in opal today. Every opal is different — no two pieces are alike!


What is opal’s significance?

Opal is October’s birthstone, a tradition that was born from Sir Walter Scott’s novel Anne of Geierstein. Prior to this somewhat recent birth month correlation, it was believed to possess superpowers and to give the owners the gift of prophecy and protect them from disease. Given its mosaic of colors, it’s thought to be one of the luckiest gemstones.

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What is turquoise?

Found in only a couple places in the world, high-quality turquoise is pound-for-pound more valuable than diamonds. Turquoise ranges in color from dull green all the way to sky blue. A porous metal, turquoise is formed when copper-rich groundwater mixed with phosphorus and aluminum.


What is turquoise’s significance?

Turquoise was thought to be the stone of the people given it’s abundance. Ironically, in Mexico it was also thought to be the “stone of the gods,” and because of this and its natural beauty, the stone has become the most popular gemstone in Mexico. It’s also said to represent luck, health, and happiness.

Turquoise is a December gemstone and often given for a couple’s 11th wedding anniversary.

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What is coral?

This ocean gem comes in a wide array of colors and is created by an actual living organism called polyps. These organisms come together to create coral reefs, which are just as impressive for their jewelry-making cred as they are for the scuba diving opportunities.


What is coral’s significance?

Coral has been worn for over 5,000 years! While its been valuable throughout much of that time around the world, its soft nature made it an easy stone to work with for Mexican jewelry makers. It can be found in many Mexican pieces that are hundreds of years old.

Coral is thought to be an incredibly lucky gemstone, particularly when worn as a ring. It’s also thought to increase energy and help overcome depression, stop nightmares, and boost your financial success.

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What is amber?

This fossilized gemstone is one of our favorites! As tree resin from millions of years ago fell on the ground and was covered by dirt, a combination of time, heat, and pressure created the beautiful amber we know and love today.

Some pieces of amber can actually preserve wildlife from hundreds of millions of years ago, and often gives today’s civilization a peak into a time’s past. Some even call it nature’s time capsule.

Take note: Amber must be treated sensitively, as makeup and intense sunlight can affect the look of amber.


What is amber’s significance?

In the past, amber has been used as a natural folk remedy to heal a variety of ailments. It was also placed in tombs by the ancient Greeks to honor deceased loved ones. It has also been used for years in religious ceremonies.

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What is amethyst?

Did you know that amethyst is the most valuable form of quartz? This purple gemstone is actually a prominent geological feature in the earth’s crust and can be found throughout the world.


What is amethyst’s significance?

Many cultures throughout history believed that amethyst provided protective and healing powers, and thus wore the purple gemstone often. Leaders in the Grecian empire and kings and queens throughout Europe all wore jewelry adorned with amethyst. Even leaders today in many European countries still wear the gemstone. Amethyst is also the birthstone for February.

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What is larimar?

Larimar is a newly discovered stone with sea blue and teal coloring. The gem is a type of pectolite that is formed when volcanic copper combines with calcium. This occurrence is so rare that the gem is only found in one place in the entire world, which is a mine in the Dominican Republic right next to a volcano. Wow!

Because of the rarity of this gemstone, a lot of the gemstones found in popular jewelry styles include artificial larimar which can look just as beautiful and has many of the spiritual benefits of “genuine” larimar.


What is larimar’s significance?

Unlike many of the gemstones the world is familiar with, larimar does not have a rich tradition of historical significance or healing powers, nor is it a birthstone. This leaves ample opportunity for you to create your own tradition and meaning behind larimar, a benefit many Mexican jewelry lovers LOVE about it!

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What is black onyx?

The deep, dark, and mysterious gemstone black onyx is one of the most visually striking and mystical significant of all popular Mexican jewelry gemstones. Found on most continents, black onyx is recognizable for the bands and layers that make up its structure.

While other colors of onyx exist (in fact, onyx itself in the greek word for fingernail, which are notably not black), black onyx is by far the most popular and valuable form of onyx.


What is black onyx’s significance?

Black onyx has been used throughout history. It’s actually been found to be used by Egyptian cultures over 4,000 years ago.

Ancient Greeks and Romans also used the stone given their healing properties, and Roman warriors carried onyx into battle to honor the God of War, who in turn would protect them in battle. It’s also been thought to be a stone that brought good luck, happiness, fortune, and strength.

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What is red jasper?

Though coming in many colors, we believe red jasper is the most brilliant of all the jasper varieties. The word jasper is the French word for “speckled stone,” which is fitting for this brilliant stone. While the stone is made from silica quartz, its brilliant look comes from the inclusion of other minerals.


What is red jasper’s significance?

Red jasper has been used for years. In addition to it’s beauty its also very tough, actually being used for drill bits found from 8,000 years ago.

It’s been said that red jasper will prevent car crashes. More mythically, it’s known as a window to the past. Currently, it’s the state rock of Massachusetts and a March birthstone!

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