How to Wear Boho Jewelry

Do you ever stare up at the night sky, almost as if you were waiting for something? Do you smile at simple things like the breeze in your hair? Are you a creative, artistic soul who loves toying with texture and pattern?

You, my friend, sound bohemian.

Bohemian (or “boho”) fashion isn’t just a style; it’s a mindset! Whether you live in flowing maxi skirts or just love piling on jangling silver bracelets for a day, boho jewelry and fashion is cheery and fun. It expresses a carefree spirit, flea market inspiration, and international flavor.

Boho style is an update on hippie and folk designs from the 1960s and ’70s. Boho jewelry in particular is known for bright colors and brilliant gemstones, especially turquoise. Sterling silver, wood, leather, and nature themes abound. In this post, I’ll show you some boho jewelry pieces and how to style them.


how to wear boho jewelry

The Statement Necklace: A Staple of Boho Jewelry

From Woodstock’s flower children to Sienna Miller, boho icons know that a good statement necklace is key. Hammered metal and intricate beadwork are classic features of boho jewelry. A boho necklace shouldn’t be too chunky or too fine. It’s somewhere in the middle, with plenty of intriguing, decorative aspects and a decidedly feminine edge.

For a tried and true boho necklace, pick an ornate, dangly number handmade in sterling silver, like our larimar amethyst and pearl necklace in .950 Mexican sterling silver:


boho jewelry turquoise necklace sterling silver


Or our genuine amber & turquoise necklace, also handmade in Taxco from 95% sterling silver (any higher and the silver becomes too soft to form jewelry).


boho-jewelry turquoise necklace


How to Wear It

When you wear boho necklaces, keep the rest of the area around your neck plain and simple to let the statement necklace get the attention it deserves. Here are a few ideas of what to wear with your boho necklace:

• A simple gauzy cream tunic

• A dove gray or black tank top

• A solid-color maxi dress in a muted shade

• A long, flowing strapless dress with simple embroidery

Of course, you can pile on the necklaces too, if that’s your style. Bohemian style says the more jewelry, the better! Don’t worry about matching. Try jaunty maximalism!

Chunky or Dangly Bracelets: A Boho Jewelry Mainstay

Some say less is more. Bohemians say more is more! Don’t let your wrists go bare. Clasp on some delicate silver bracelets with intricate, curling designs. Or slide on a thick, bold bangle. Why not try both?

Boho jewelry is big on wood or metal cuffs to accent your wrist or push up your arm. One day your bracelets might be made of reclaimed wood; the next, they’re precious stones bound together by sterling silver. Our Mexican silver amethyst heart bracelet, for instance, is perfect whether you’re channeling Stevie Nicks or Daenerys Targaryen:


boho jewelry bracelet mexican silver


For something a little more chunky, try one of these cuffs and clamper bracelets — they’re bound to make an impression!


boho jewelry bracelets bangles cuffs

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


How to Wear It

Unless it’s really cold out, don’t hide your boho bracelets under long sleeves. Anything sleeveless or short sleeved will let your bangles shine. The brighter and more intricate the bracelet, the simpler your outfit should be to balance things out. Wear a simple scoop-neck top in a neutral color, then have fun with an earthy multicolored skirt that grazes your ankles. Finish the look with a floppy hat and ankle boots or strappy sandals.

Complete Your Boho Jewelry with Delicate Earrings

Whether you have a short, flirty bob or long, beachy waves, you can wear boho earrings with panache. A classic bohemian look is giant, thin sterling silver hoops. But really, any long dangly earrings count as boho jewelry. Polished stones, baubles, feathers, strips of leather, and similar items can all be worn for a bohemian look. Sterling silver and turquoise is a classic combination, but you can also go with a not-too-shiny bronze. Here are some of our favorite boho earrings we sell:


boho bohemian earrings mexican silver

from left: filigree chandelier earrings, bird chandelier earrings, teardrop earrings, esperanza chandelier earrings


How to Wear It

Wear your hair up or pull the front back to draw attention to your gorgeous boho earrings! A loose fishtail braid or messy milkmaid braids are absolutely perfect, or just pull on a headwrap if you’re short on time. Then pile on the flowy layers and crushed velvet. A leather fringe purse completes the look. Stick with browns, cream, and mossy green tones, and you can’t go wrong.


No matter how you wear boho jewelry, just remember, there are no rules! Don’t let anyone squash your free-spirited nature and individuality. Go out there and embrace life, love, and nature…and tell us your best boho fashion tips in the comments!



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