7 Floral Silver Jewelry Pieces to Wear in the Spring

It’s officially springtime and flowers are blooming all around us near our home in Mexico. I hope they’re blooming in your neighborhood too. Spring is the season for embracing new life. It’s a beautiful time of year to wear floral jewelry!

In Mexican jewelry, floral designs are all about delicate, elegant shapes. Flowers and other plants are an important motif in Taxco silver jewelry — one that’s represented in much of our own jewelry.

But flowers aren’t just an aesthetic choice. They have a rich cultural and historical significance as well.

Flower Symbolism in Mexico

Flowers have played an important role in Mexico since ancient times. Both the Aztec and the Maya held flowers in high esteem and used them for art, ceremonies, and decoration. Mayan rulers even used them to adorn their headdresses and thrones. It’s no surprise that they did, considering the country’s incredible variety and abundance of flowers. Did you know Mexico is home to over six to eight hundred types of wild orchids alone?

In Mexico, as in most areas, different types of flowers symbolize different ideas. For example, the Mexican marigold is often referred to as the flower of the dead because the Aztecs often used it to decorate their tombs. Marigolds are still commonly used for Day of the Dead festivities.

Calla Lilies are another flower with historical importance. Famous painter, Diego Rivera, often depicted people carrying large bunches of calla lilies in his paintings, which made the flowers into a popular symbol of Mexican culture and art.

As we look toward sunshine and warmer weather, here are seven beautiful floral pieces to wear this spring:

1. Delicate Rose Cuff

delicate rose cuff

This sterling silver Delicate Rose cuff is one of my favorite pieces for spring. It’s simple and comfortable, and the intricate flower design is one of the best examples of craftsmanship I’ve seen! The niello darkened finish really adds depth to the flower shape too.

The band is flexible and easy to adjust depending on the size and shape of your wrist, and you can wear it with anything!

2. 950 Silver Frondly Yours Clamper Bracelet

Rodriguez 950 Silver Frondly Yours Clamper Bracelet

This gorgeous 950 silver Frondly Yoursclamper bracelet was crafted by none other than master Taxco silver artisan Melesio Rodriguez, whose long and illustrious career includes working at the world famous Margot De Taxco Silver shop in Taxco, Mexico back in the day.

This piece is made from a superior 950 silver and completed with a partially oxidized finish to provide texture and depth. Special order sizes are available — just ask us!

3. Sterling Silver Calla Lily Bracelet

Sterling Silver Calla Lily BraceletThe ultimate in floral elegance, the sterling silver Calla Lily bracelet is a nod to Diego Rivera and the perfect accessory to a beautiful spring outfit. The row of fresh calla lilies wraps around the entire bracelet, and each one was created with incredible care and attention to detail. Amazing craftsmanship!

It’s also easy to take on and off with a simple tongue and box closure mechanism.

4. 950 Silver Floral Clamper Bracelet

950 Silver Floral Clamper BraceletAnother exquisite Melesio Rodriguez piece, this silver floral clamper bracelet is a great choice for spring (though it can really be worn year round). Thick and solid, but not overly heavy, the piece’s bold, sweeping designs and textured floral motif are an example of true art and craftsmanship in jewelry.

Clamper bracelets are simple and easy to wear, but not adjustable, so if you’re interested in special order sizes, feel free to <a href="http://www herbal weight loss supplements.mexicansilverstore.com/contact/”>contact us directly!

5. Daisy Floral Necklace

daisy floral necklaceDid you ever make a daisy chain as a kid? If you did, this piece will definitely take you back to the springtime adventures of your childhood.

With a wearable length of approximately 18 inches, this fun, elegant Daisy Floral necklace features 17 panels of tubular silver flowers. The perfect way to celebrate spring!

6. Flowering Calla Lily Necklace

Flowering Calla Lily NecklaceIt’s not easy to create beautiful, intricate shapes like this with silver! This majestic Flowering Calla Lily necklace features 15 panels of silver lilies, with the large central panel measuring about three inches by two inches.

The amazing three-dimensional design is deepened even more by an expertly applied niello-darkened finish.

7. Mexican Silver & Pearl Flower Necklace

mexican silver pearl flower necklaceThis Mexican silver and pearl flower necklace is a perfect example of authentic handcrafted artisan Taxco silver jewelry. The repeating floral pattern makes it a true classic, and the texture and detail on the flowers are amazing!

If pearls aren’t your thing, you can choose from multiple inlay options. Just let us know, if you’re interested!

Do You Love Floral Jewelry?

Are you ready to break out the floral designs and step out into the sunshine?

If you want to see more examples of our floral themed artisan jewelry, feel free to browse our floral jewelry collection. We have about 300 unique pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings.

If you have questions about the inlay and sizing options for any of the pieces we looked at in today’s post, get in contact with us and ask us your questions! We live and breath jewelry and we’d love to help you find the perfect piece this spring!

Photo: David Billingham

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