Answers to Common Questions About Mexican Gemstone Jewelry

While Mexican jewelry is no doubt best known for the elegance of sterling silver, no jewelry collection would be complete without some pieces of authentic Mexican gemstone jewelry as well.

We speak with many customers that are unfamiliar with this style of jewelry and the many different types of gemstones used. Read on to learn answers to common questions about Mexican gemstone jewelry. 

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What gemstones do you use in your Mexican jewelry?

At Mexican Silver Store, we offer jewelry made with a number of different types of Mexican gemstones. These include:

From time to time, we also offer other types of Mexican gemstone jewelry. Take a look at our current Mexican jewelry collection to see the new and exciting jewelry we’re currently offering.

*While amber is technically a resin, most consider it a gemstone when used in jewelry.


Are your gemstones genuine?

We take pride in the quality of the gemstones, silver, and all other materials we use in our genuine Mexican jewelry. The materials we use have been used in Mexican jewelry for years, and are part of a jewelry tradition that we are proud to contribute to.

Every gemstone we use in our jewelry is genuine material unless otherwise noted on the product page. Additionally, not all gemstones and materials originate from Mexico.


How are gemstones made into jewelry? 

The process for making mexican gemstone jewelry has been passed on from generation to generation of Mexican jewelers. 

Our Taxco-based craftspeople carefully select gemstones perfect for each individual piece of jewelry. They are then cut into a size and shape that complements the design of the item. Gems can be cut into many different styles, including with facets or in a rounded, smooth, or cabochon shape. Once set in the jewelry, they’re polished along with the rest of the jewelry before sale.

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Are gemstones found in Mexico?

They sure are! The west coast of Mexico, also known as the Mexican Riviera, is known for its breathtaking beauty and culturally rich cities and communities. But that is not all this unique, sea-lined region has to offer.

The Mexican Riviera is known as a hotbed of Mexican Gemstones, with the powerful Pacific Ocean providing a wealth of gemstones throughout the region. The cities, ports, and villages along the Mexican Riviera are known for the gemstone markets, where they are often purchased for use in Mexican jewelry just like the items you’ll find at Mexican Silver Store.


What is the cultural significance of gemstones in Mexico?

Mexico is known for the timeless themes and motifs featured in the artwork and fashion of the country. The vibrant jewelry produced in Mexico also features these themes and motifs that bring an extra level of meaning to each and every piece of Mexican jewelry.

The meaning does not stop at the designs of the jewelry, however. Each gemstone features its own special meaning and significance

  • Opal: Given it’s complex mosaic of color, it is considered the luckiest of all gemstones and was once thought to contain super powers. It is also October’s birthstone. 
  • Turquoise: December’s gemstone, turquoise was thought to be the “stone of the gods” in Mexico. Ironically, it was also seen as the “stone of the people” given it’s abundance.  
  • Coral: Known as a stone that can increase energy and bring luck and financial success to the person wearing the jewelry. 
  • Amber: This fossilized resin was placed in tombs of the ancient Greeks to honor the deceased. 
  • Amethyst: Thought to possess healing and protective powers, amethyst to this day is still worn by leaders of some European countries to bring good fortune. It is also the February birthstone.
  • Larimar: Think of larimer as a blank slate! There is not much historical significance to this gemstone, leaving the opportunity to assign your own special meaning to jewelry featuring a larimar stone.
  • Black Onyx: Was worn to honor the God of War in the Roman Empire, and is still worn to this day to bring the wearer happiness, fortune, and strength.
  • Red Jasper: One of the toughest gemstones, it has been said that red jasper can protect the wearer from accidents and is known as a window to the past! It’s also March’s birthstone.

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How should I clean my gemstone jewelry?

Gemstones don’t require all that much care or maintenance to keep their naturally beautiful appearance. A light polish with a soft microfiber cloth will do your gemstone jewelry wonderfully! Just treat your gemstones gently. While your gemstones are likely quite strong and durable, they are not impervious to fractures if banged against a hard surface.

To make sure your gemstones reach their potential lifespan, we recommend keeping it away from excessive heat or direct sunlight. This can lead to discoloration on some gemstones. Similarly, avoid wearing your jewelry when using household cleaners, and never use household cleaners to clean your jewelry.


Can my gemstone jewelry be repaired if there is damage?

While not always possible, some damaged gemstones can be repaired to like-new or close-to-new condition.

We do not offer repair services at Mexican Silver Store, but a reputable local jeweler can work with you to fix your gemstone jewelry. 

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What should I look for in quality gemstone jewelry?

Generally, gemstone grading systems rely on the 4 Cs: carat, color, cut, and clarity. While this is mostly for diamonds, it provides a useful guide for Mexican gemstones as well. 

Given the complex Mexican gemstones many Mexican jewelry pieces feature, it is crucial you work with a Mexican jewelry store you trust to sell you high-quality, locally produced, and culturally appropriate jewelry.


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