6 Essential Pieces of Jewelry to Start Your Collection

Just like the “little black dress” or the perfect pair of jeans, every woman needs a cohesive jewelry collection to complete her wardrobe. With so many styles, designs, and materials available, though, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Whether you’re building your collection from scratch, or simply want to get back to the basics, there are 6 pieces of jewelry you should always have at your disposal.

In this blog post, we’ll:

  • Give you some tips for building your collection
  • Show you those 6 essential pieces
  • Provide some of our favorite go-to jewelry to get you inspired

Let’s get started!


Tips for Building Your Jewelry Collection

Take a purposeful approach to building your jewelry collection. It’s okay to take your time and collect items slowly if you need to. As you do, keep these important jewelry collecting tips in mind:

  • Always go with the real deal. Buying real sterling silver earrings is more rewarding than buying earrings that don’t last long. Choose quality over quantity!
  • Think versatility. When considering a piece for your collection, think about how you will wear it. Make sure you can style the jewelry piece with a few different outfits.
  • Reflect your personality. It’s important for your accessories to compliment your style and personality.
  • Try something new. Although your pieces should fit with your style, don’t be afraid experiment. Try a new color, material, or pattern. You may find something you look great in and absolutely love!


How Many Pieces Do You Need in Your Jewelry Collection?

There are many schools of thought on the perfect number of jewelry pieces every woman should own. Some say 4 pieces, other say 10 to 15.

Like the title of this post suggests, we believe you should always have at least 6 essential items. From there, you can add as many pieces as you want over time!


How to Pick the Right Pieces for Your Collection

Before purchasing a necklace, bracelet, ring, or other piece of jewelry online, take time to research the buyer. Look at:

Additionally, when it comes to the jewelry itself, try to identify these factors before you purchase:

  • Materials
  • Weight
  • Dimensions (especially for rings and other size-dependent jewelry)

Researching these things will ensure you understand what you’re buying and help you choose the perfect piece for your collection.


The 6 Staples of a Winning Jewelry Collection

Here are the 6 jewelry essentials every woman needs in her wardrobe.


The Statement Necklace

Sterling Silver Linked Necklace

There’s nothing quite like a statement necklace to call attention and spice up a simple outfit. These types of necklaces typically look great when paired with a solid-colored dress or blouse and can be worn in both formal or casual environments.

Key features of a statement necklace:

  • Large and bold
  • Dangling beads or gemstones
  • Intricate details
  • May or may not be colorful


The Timeless Brooch

Ignacio Gomez 950 Silver Hummingbird Pin Pendant

Don’t fool yourself into thinking brooches and pins are a thing of the past. These classic jewelry pieces add a unique flair to your outfit. Brooches and pins are typically worn on at your neckline, along your chest, or even pinned to your waistband a hat.

Often, people will choose a brooch design with special meaning. For instance, a brooch with their birthstone or featuring their favorite animal or flower.

Key features of a brooch:

  • Has a clip or pin to secure to your clothing
  • Any shape or material is acceptable
  • Come in varying large and small sizes


The Stunning Cocktail Ring

Rope Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is similar to a statement necklace because it loves to draw attention. This ring is larger than most and is meant to sit on the ring finger and sometimes on the index finger. It can also be dressed up or down, but avoid wearing other rings alongside it. This piece is meant to shine all on its own.

Key features of a cocktail ring:

  • Oversized center gemstone or surface area
  • Wider than the width of your finger
  • May feature a single stone, or multiple stones and designs


The Classic Drop Earrings

Ornate Mexico Sterling Silver Finding Frida Earrings

There’s nothing quite as classic and fun to wear as a pair of drop earrings. These earrings dangle low below your earlobes and can feature countless designs, stones, and colors. There are endless opportunities to dress up your outfit with a pair of drop earrings.


The Bold Bangle

Mexican Copper Coil Bracelet

A bold bangle is a super versatile piece. Wear it day or night, dressed up or down. You can sport this on its own, stack with other bangles, or pair with some great earrings. Its versatility definitely makes this a staple wardrobe item.

Key features of a bold bangle:

  • Stiff, circular shape
  • Wide surface area
  • One solid material, or made of mixed materials
  • May or may not feature a design


The Simple Studs

Taxco 925 Silver Beaded Earrings

When you want to take a subtle approach to your jewelry, wearing a pair of simple stud earrings is the way to go. These earrings are small, fit close to your earlobe, and can be worn with virtually anything.

Key features of stud earrings:

  • Small, fitting onto your earlobes and not dangling down
  • Can be a variety of shapes
  • Colors can vary


How To Care for Your Jewelry Collection

There’s nothing worse than running to grab one of your necklaces only to find it balled together in a tangled mess. Not only is this a huge annoyance, it’s also not good on your jewelry. To keep your items in top shape, you’ll want to invest in a quality jewelry stand, holder, or box of some sort.

From there, caring for your jewelry collection will vary from piece to piece, depending on its material. For example, sterling silver jewelry requires a different cleaning method than gold and copper.


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