6 Epic Mexican Vacation Destinations

Mexico is filled to the brim with vibrant, inspiring destinations for the trip of a lifetime. Teeming with delicious food, talented artistry, and interesting people, these cities, villages, and resorts are world class locales that define Mexico as a premiere vacation destination.

But where to start? In this post, we outline 6 epic Mexican vacation destinations you’ll love.



The city of Oaxaca, the capital of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, is the beating heart of Mexican culture. Just as influenced by indigenous culture as it is Catholicism and Spanish colonization, this city is a must see if you want an authentic and modern Mexican experience.

This down-to-earth city has recently been declared the “foodie” capital of Mexico. This is not only due to the rich tradition of Mexican cuisine, but for the more recent explosion of trendy restaurants.

Other highlights from the city include its tradition of Mezcal production. This smokey agave liquor is similar to tequila, but smokier and more distinct. Oaxaca state is actually the only Mexican state where it’s made, so you know you’ll be getting it straight from the source.

What to experience while in Oaxaca

  • The food and drink: The mole sauce, Tlayudas (pizza-like street food), and Mezcal are of particular note
  • Monte Alban: The ruins of this Mesoamerican city are a beautiful monument to a lost civilization over 2500 years old
  • The people: What could be more important in a city known for its culture?! We suggest walking around markets, participating in local festivals, and taking in the local art scene.


Puerto Vallarta

Known as the “Ibiza of North America”, this Pacific coast beach town offers a unique blend of nightlife and beautiful architecture. It’s this combination of beauty and fun that has travelers from Europe, America, and Mexico alike coming together for a truly international experience.

While this city is known for its nightlife, it also has a reputation as a quaint and relaxing destination. Small shops and colorful buildings dot the city, creating a Southern European feel that is unique to Puerto Vallarta.

What to experience while in Puerto Vallarta

  • The beach: Spend some time on the ocean and experience the natural beauty of the area. Don’t forget to take in a Pacific coast sunset, either!
  • The nightlife: The city is brimming with young, outgoing tourists. Make sure to have some fun out on the town!
  • The architecture: The mediterranean-esque colorful buildings and small churches are unique and vibrant.



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Todos Santos

While the more developed (but still breathtakingly beautiful) Los Cabos lies just an hour away to the north, this laid-back surfing village is the true epic destination in the region.

Lined with magical beaches, bohemian culture, and vibrant art galleries, this small Pacific coast city is a true gem of Mexico. The city was named one of 100 towns as a “Pueblo Magico,” a small town with exceeding natural beauty, historical importance, or cultural riches.

This town is the perfect place if you are looking for a beach destination in Mexico where you can participate in local activities, but are not interested in the raucous partying found in other popular and safe Mexican destinations.

What to experience while in Todos Santos

  • The surfing: The modern city was built on a rich tradition of surfing. Many surfing schools are available to learn the ride the city’s world-class waves.
  • The art: Artists from across the world have made Todos Santos home, and that tradition has led to a number of incredible galleries of both Mexican and foreign art.
  • The fishing: A number of fishing opportunities are available for fish species such as tuna, yellowtail, and mackerel. Many guides are available to take you out on the water for a day asea.


Mexico City

With 21 million people residing in the metropolitan area, making it the largest city in North America, Mexico CIty is a truly global city.

Mexico City is made up of 60 municipalities, each with its own unique and distinct experience. This cultural and experiential diversity makes the city a true wonder to explore. The city is also a lot safer than many think, with a crime rate about that of Washington DC.

Mexico City is not just one of the best places to visit in Mexico, it is one of the best places to visit in the world.

What to experience while in Mexico City



There’s a reason French filmmaker Jacques Cousteau declared Cozumel the “most spectacular diving site in the world.” This island off the coast of the more glitzy and alcohol fueled Riviera Maya is great place to discover the natural beauty of Mexico.

Right off the coast of the island is the world’s second largest coral reef, presenting a wealth of opportunity for snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, and fishing. Much of the island is undeveloped, presenting even more opportunity for exploration of this island in paradise.

What to experience in Cozumel

  • The coral reef: Exploring the reef while in Cozumel is a must. Many snorkeling guides and scuba diving schools are available for hire on the island and will show you safe, unforgettable experiences.
  • The beaches: The island hosts many beaches, the best being at Punta Sur Ecological Park. Here you can see sea turtles, relax in the sand, and go for a dip in the clear blue water.
  • The relaxation: The island lifestyle can be fully taken advantage of while in Cozumel. Just sit back, take a sip of your margarita, and feel the ocean breeze. Don’t you feel relaxed already!



For the travelers interested in fashion, there is no better place to holiday in Mexico than Taxco. The city is primarily known for its involvement in the country’s silver trade and jewelry making, a tradition that still exists today.

Taxco also has a number of open air markets filled with food and jewelry that are a joy to explore. There’s also a plethora of public spaces that highlight the cities distinct history, such as the Plaza Borda and Casa Borda, both financed by a silver miner that had great influence over the city.

What to experience while in Taxco

  • The silver: The city’s history as a silver mining hub has created a rich tradition of sterling silver jewelry making. Both in the public spaces and the market, you can see silver’s influence every day in Taxco.
  • The history: The Museo Guillermo Spratling honors William Spratling, the man credited with bringing mainstream jewelry making to Taxco and Mexico at large.
  • The food: Taxco has many distinct culinary traditions, including eating jumiles, a local delicacy.


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