A Virtual Trip to Taxco, Mexico

We wish you could all fly down and visit us in beautiful Taxco, Mexico. But since that’d be pretty expensive (and we only have one guestroom), how about a virtual trip? We’ve compiled some of Taxco’s main attractions, city history, and of course photos. So crank your heat up, fix yourself some tequila with lime, […]

Style Role Model: Frida Kahlo-Inspired Jewelry

Frida Kahlo. Chances are, you’ve heard the name, even if you only know her as the painter with the unibrow. She’s the most famous female Mexican painter. Kahlo painted a lot of bright, colorful self-portraits during her life from 1907 to 1954. Some of them were surreal, and lots of them depict emotional pain or […]

Artisan Spotlight: Melesio Rodriguez (and Margot de Taxco)

 Have you ever taken a life-changing vacation? Margot van Voorhies did. In 1937, she took a trip that altered the course of her whole life. While on vacation in Taxco, she met and fell in love with the silversmith Antonio Castillo. She moved there permanently, and the couple married. Seeing her artistic talent, Castillo encouraged […]