About Sara & Andrew

While living in Portland, Oregon, we began to notice that the vintage Mexican jewelry Sara often wore was becoming more and more popular. Our friends would ask her to bring back pieces for them to buy whenever she returned to her hometown of Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, México, to visit her family. Each trip she would bring a few extra pieces and we began to sell them at a local flea market. Once those pieces sold out — often after just one weekend! — we scoured estate sales, thrift shops and classified ads to find more Mexican silver pieces to clean, restore and sell.

Our interest in the history and the design of jewelry grew in tandem with the success of our business. We began researching great Mexican silver artisans, the complicated world of silver hallmarks and looking for new Mexican artists to add to our collection.

A fellow flea market vendor gave us the invaluable advice to start selling our jewelry on eBay. Once we went online, we were able to reach a lot more people who appreciated the exceptional craftmanship and beauty of Mexican silver work. But as our sales increased, our inventory suffered as we struggled more and more to find quality Mexican jewelry in the Pacific Northwest.

But once we transitioned to exclusively selling online — and we were making enough sales for Andrew to quit his job and work on our business full time — it made perfect sense for us to relocate to México where we could be close to the artisans, pick and choose our favorite pieces, commission custom work and enjoy all of the other amazing opportunities and experiences the Mexican culture has to offer. And of course, an extra benefit was moving back to Sara’s hometown so that her mother could make her amazing enchiladas for us whenever we want!

We recently also introduced pieces made with Mexican copper to our line. The history of Mexican copper is as rich as the Taxco silver tradition and we are excited to add the gorgeous warmth and texture of these pieces to our collection.

We have now lived in México for 4 years and travel frequently to Taxco, less than 6 hours away, to meet with our artists and discover new authentic Taxco treasures to share with our customers all over the world. We work with them to not only develop new designs but to also recreate and re-envision classic traditional pieces inspired by pre-Hispanic folk art as well as the revolutionaries of Taxco silver design including William Spratling, Margot de Taxco and Matilde Poulat.

It has been a challenging adventure, learning a lot about Mexican history & art. As we interact with our customers all over the world, we aren’t just making sales but sending a beautiful, timeless piece of Mexico to each of them. We hope you will be inspired to go on this journey with us, too!

– Sara & Andrew, owners of Taxco.925 Mexico Silver Store