Our Top 10 Can’t Miss Mexican Silver Jewelry Pieces

top 10 cant miss mexican silver jewelry pieces

If you could only own 10 pieces of jewelry, what would they be? I challenged myself to pick 10 of our own pieces I couldn’t live without.

From simple and delicate to bold and artsy, this list has something for everyone. It’s a blend of best sellers and personal favorites, with a mix of classic, modern, trendy, statement, and dramatic jewelry. I also made sure to pick versatile pieces you can wear with almost anything!

Take a look.

1. Mexican Silver Peacock Necklace

mexican silver peacock necklace

This Mexican silver peacock necklace is one of our all time favorites, and our customers agree!

Crafted by highly skilled artisan Ignacio Gomez, it’s 280 grams of superior 950 silver sculpted into art. You can also get custom inlay options upon request. It’s completely personalizable!

A dramatic, high end statement piece like this pairs beautifully with black. Why not try a simple strapless or v-neck dress, like this one.

2. Silver Dove Bird Bracelet

silver dove bird bracelet

Like many of our pieces, this classic dove bird motif bracelet has a vintage-inspired design. Expert artisan Melesio Rodriguez crafted it from the very best 950 silver. A partially oxidized finish punctuates the fine texture and details of this piece.

The bracelet’s vintage charm makes it the perfect complement to a retro-inspired ensemble, or an eye-catching addition to a more modern look.

There are several matching pieces that complement the piece, like these dove bird hanging earrings and this silver dove bird necklace.

3. Turquoise & Amethyst Hanging Painter Earrings

turquoise amethyst hanging painter earrings

These hanging painter earrings are a wonderful display of silver deco scroll and bead work that has been warmed with color. They beautifully showcase two of our favorite gemstones: turquoise and amethyst. We have several inlay options available, including coral.

You’ll get a nice freedom of movement with the hanging panel design. They’re versatile too — they can be classic or bohemian depending on your style.

4. Sterling Silver Wings to Fly Deco Earrings

Sterling Silver Wings to Fly Deco Earrings

Frida Kahlo inspires many of our silver pieces, and this is no exception with a floral and lovebird motif that was so common in many of her paintings. These ornate wings to fly deco earrings are a fine example of detailed, delicate silver work.

Make like Frida and wear these with some brightly colored flowers in your hair or a floral headpiece.

5. Vintage Style Silver Shadow Box Floral Necklace

Vintage Style Silver Shadow Box Floral Necklace

Here’s another one of our favorite vintage-inspired pieces: a silver shadow box floral necklace.

At a staggering 370 gram weight, along with its intricate cut out floral shadow box panel design,  this piece commands the attention of the entire room! There’s a phenomenal texture and depth to the design that’s unmatched in the jewelry world.

This piece is ideal for formal events where you have to dress up, and it’s perfect for weddings. Imagine it paired with this wedding-friendly dress.

6. Over-Sized Silver Bead Necklace

Over-Sized Silver Bead Necklace

Talk about a statement piece! This over-sized silver bead necklace is both elegant and bold. Forever a timeless and elegant jewelry choice, the beads are a generous 3” in circumference. Perfect for achieving the perfect balance between traditional and stylish.

You can also special order this piece in any length you desire, and inquire about different bead size options as well.

7. Sterling Silver Linked Necklace

Sterling Silver Linked Necklace

This sterling silver linked necklace is truly unique. It doesn’t need any additional accessories either — it makes a bold statement all on its own.

The impressive 160 gram weight and sleek chain link panel design make this necklace easy to wear with jeans or a gown. In fact, we love the way beautiful jewelry looks with a casual outfit.

Get some tips on pairing jewelry and jeans.

8. Mexican Silver & Encased Pearl Ring

Mexican Silver and Encased Pearl Ring

Pearls are elegant and never go out of style. This encased pearl ring puts a unique, modern spin on a classic concept. The Mexican sterling silver is beautifully textured and shaped around the pearl inlay. It looks great with other pearl jewelry, like a simple pearl necklace, or on its own!

Did you know there’s a fascinating history (and some cool symbolism) behind pearl jewelry?

Even the ancient Greeks used them!

9. Taxco Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

Taxco Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

Sometimes simple is best! This pair of sterling silver bangle bracelets is one of our most popular items. They have a wearable length of approximately 9 inches. That means 9 inches around the inside, the side that will touch your skin. You can also order them in a larger size for more of a dramatic statement, and we can always accommodate special orders with different wearable lengths.

There’s nothing more versatile than classic Mexican silver bangles. Keep it simple with just these two, or pile on more different colored bangles for a boho vibe.

10. Bold Wide Crinkle Cuff

mexican silver Bold Wide Crinkle Cuff

No one could accuse this cuff of being boring!

The bold, wide banded cuff bracelet has a wonderfully textured, modernist design with an oxidized silver finish for added depth.

It’s the perfect accessory for when you’re feeling creative.

What’s Your Top 10?

Those are our top 10 can’t miss pieces of mexican silver jewelry — an eclectic mix of options for any style. But what else do you love?

Do you love hoop earrings? Want to see more bright colors? Let us know.

Tell us the piece of jewelry you can’t live without in the comments!


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